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Whipped And Steamy • Cosplay Café

In a town where adult media is the new best thing the Whipped and Steamy Café is the best fun for all cosplayers! · By Whales And Games, MoskiDraws, JorgeGameDev, Robinaite


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Together for Racial Justice in’s Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality
We’re humbled to be part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality with three of our games ( Whipped And Steamy • Cosplay Café , Petty Puny...
Happy Anniversary, Whipped and Steamy! Here's 'Bunny Splash Casino', its spiritual successor adults-only game!
Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café is celebrating its first anniversary! One year ago we launched an adult game and it’s been a wild ride since. We're plann...
What would you like to see regarding Whipped and Steamy?
Back in February, we released our adult-parody game Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café here on, mixing-in some management and visual novel mechanics w...
Steamy Seedies and Feedies • A Morning-Cartoon-like Adult Game Collaboration!
Who doesn’t like a good crossover? Be it in films, videogames or even wrestling, we fans of multimedia enjoy seeing the multimedia become, well, less ‘multi...
Whipped and Seedies together for the Feedies!
Whale hello there! It's a brand new month, isn’t it? And that means it's time for another status update from us at Whales And Games ! While we’re currently...
Presenting Roberta, the latest gal at the Whipped and Steamy Café!
Hey, there! Haven’t heard from us in a while, have you? Well, fear not! While the action at the Whipped and Steamy Café has slightly slowed down ever since o...
Rebranded and Refilled! Whipped and Steamy 1.0B5
It's almost been a whole month since Cosplay Café launched to the world! Over the last weeks, we’ve gotten all sorts of feedback, reception, new community me...
5 files — 1.0B5
Strawberry Jam Results are here and they’re Amazing!
In case you haven’t been keeping up with the footnotes of Cosplay Café , our recently released adult-themed game, the project was developed under the harsh t...
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Thank you for playing Cosplay Café ! Is there anything you'd like to tell us about your experience? What did you think...
started by Whales And Games Mar 01, 2019
16 replies
i only got about 2700, maybe it would be funny to have a single special customer that was just an average joe, and getti...
started by foxstarfive Apr 25, 2021
4 replies
Something went weird with the Mac download; the built-in utility can’t unzip it (“Error 1 - Operation not permitted...
started by Frungi Aug 16, 2020
2 replies
Finally I got to play and record. What can I say, really nice job, the visuals are great, the idea is funny and it's gre...
started by Cryptic Hybrid Mar 04, 2019
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