(Version 1.1B3 - 20 November 2016)

Originally Made for Ludum Dare 36

As a gladiator, you will die in combat, so you might as well take some people with you. Slay, chop and stab until your name is remembered in the Pantheon of Gladiators!


  • A fast-paced bloodshed! Kill your enemies, get new weapons, and repeat until you fall!
  • Over 28 weapons which you can dual wield! Try different loadouts and see which one works the best for you! But don't get too comfortable, as you might get forced to lose them!
  • Status effects! Poison the huge ones! Freeze them! Become invincible! Feast on their blood to recover yours!
  • Some extra items to give you an unfair advantage! Don't worry, honor won't care!
  • Fight your fellow gladiators! And lions. And hawkmen. Many, many of them. No pressure!
  • 2 game modes! Play Classic 36 to fight with the items and enemies that were available in the Ludum 36 version of the game!
  • Got a sweet score? Tweet and brag! That's what honor is all about, right?


Keyboard and Mouse Combo

  • Move with A and D, jump with W or Spacebar.
  • Do Right and Left Click to use the respective weapons.
  • Press E to use your item.

Xbox Controller

  • Move with the Left Stick or with the D-Pad, jump with A.
  • Attack and Select your weapons with X and Y.
  • Press B to use your item.


Install instructions

Although you can chop the heads of your enemies right here on, we recommend downloading the desktop versions for playing the game on higher resolutions and more smoothly. Chop chop.


Colossorama Windows 32-Bit (20 MB)
Colossorama Windows 64-Bit (22 MB)
Colossorama Mac OSX (35 MB)
Colossorama Linux (34 MB)
Colossorama 36 (Ludum Dare Version) Windows (20 MB)
Colossorama 36 (Ludum Dare Version) Mac OSX (34 MB)
Colossorama 36 (Ludum Dare Version) Linux (34 MB)