The imagination of plenty of artists is unleashed in card form! Select between Sugar and Spice, draw your cards, and summon an extravagant cast of characters from Art Fight to fight on your behalf!

Made as an homage to Art Fight, an event that pits artists into two teams to draw characters from each other, this card game features the original creations of plenty of participants of 2020’s event. Characters of each team, Team Sugar or Team Spice, are ready to duke it out!

With all that in mind, get ready to attack your opponent, protect your team, use items to turn the tide of the battle, and achieve the highest score you can! Walk over the path to victory that the artists have created for you!


  • A man-versus-machine single player card game! No deck building required!
  • 24 different Character Cards to summon for your team! Each of them has their own strengths, weaknesses and even additional skills!
  • Support your group or hinder your opponent’s with Item Cards! Strengthen your numbers, draw more cards, heal up your team, give them shields, and more!
  • Your enemies grow stronger with time. How many waves can you survive? Aim for the highscore!


  • Mouse and Left Click for everything. Click to press buttons and select cards. 
  • You can hover over the cards to see them more properly and even for some hints about strengths and weaknesses.


Created, Developed & Presented by Whales and Games

Development Team

  • Programmer - JorgeGameDev (Twitter)
  • Graphics Artist - MoskiDraws  (Twitter)

Special Thanks

Art Fight, its team, and its participants. The game would not have been possible without them!

Install instructions

While you can have characters duel-ing it out through the web version here on, we recommend downloading the desktop version for the best experience, with higher resolutions and better performance! Go duel for your favourite team!

Mac OSX and Linux builds are not fully tested! Please report us any issues that you find with them! Android might also have degraded performance in older phones!


Art Fight Duel • Windows 32-Bit 65 MB
Version 1.1B1 23 days ago
Art Fight Duel • Windows 64-Bit 68 MB
Version 1.1B1 23 days ago
Art Fight Duel • Mac OSX 67 MB
Version 1.1B1 23 days ago
Art Fight Duel • Linux 69 MB
Version 1.1B1 23 days ago
Art Fight Duel • Android 62 MB
Version 1.1B1 23 days ago

Development log


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This game rescued me from poverty.

This game filled my belly with nutrients.

This game made my hair shine and glow.

This game put a smile on my face.

This game brought my family back together.

Sometimes, it's not about the adventure. Maybe, sometimes the real games are the games we played along the way.

Thank you, WhalesandGames. Thank you.

We're glad that we helped you find the path to enlightenment, Sass. There's even further enlightenment coming your way.  ✨


There's no way to play it in browser??

Hey! We're planning to have a web version too (and the description already mentions it in advance), and we're working on getting that version done as soon as possible! Should be up soon!

Took us a while, but the game is now available in the browser too! It should be working as as intended and support for all platforms is here now!

Hope you enjoy the game! Lets us know what you think afterwards. 🐳