Hocus Poolcus Abrasnookabra! Are you ready for the hottest entertainment in this side of the world of wizards?

Behold! Wizsnooks! Bring your ball to the pool table, and help it obliterate the other balls. It will amass the loot to grow stronger, and can disenchant the rest to heal itself! Clear as many tables as you can! Hazzah!

Created for Ludum Dare 41


  • It's pool, with loot and roguelike elements.
  • Destroy your enemies and gain equipment to equip and become stronger.
  • Dispose of the equipment you don't need to recover health.
  • See how many levels you can complete, how many enemies you can slain and how many items you can disenchant.

Controls & Instructions

  • Controls
    • Press the Left Mouse Button to charge a shot and aim in the direction you want to fire. Press the Right Mouse Button to discharge the shot.
    • Open and Close your Backpack by pressing B.
  • Instructions
    • Defeat enemies to obtain loot, by depleting their HP or throwing them into the pits.
    • Hitting enemies damages your ball. Heal up by disenchanting your excess of loot through your Backpack.


Created, Developed & Presented by Whales and Games

Development Team

Special Thanks

  • Ludum Dare Community
  • JorgeGameDev and PonchoGuy for feedback and support.
  • Rewired Unity Input Wrapper - Guavaman Enterprises
  • Enhanced Hierarchy - Samuel Schultze


Wizsnooks • Windows 32-Bit 34 MB
Version 2 Apr 27, 2018
Wizsnooks • Windows 64-Bit 36 MB
Version 3 Apr 27, 2018
Wizsnooks • Mac OSX 39 MB
Version 2 Apr 27, 2018
Wizsnooks • Linux 56 MB
Version 3 Apr 27, 2018

Install instructions

While you can pit enemy balls into their place through the web version here on Itch.io, we recommend downloading the desktop version for the best experience, with higher resolutions and better performance! Push them into the pit!


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Please expand the game

Glad you enjoyed it! We don't have any plans to expand on Wizsnooks at this time, but we're currently working on the full version of Townseek if you'd like to check it out too! Cheers! 🐳


It's a good game although feels a little too hard because i keep dying because of i don't have enough health when hitting enemies. I also disenchant my items too.


Glad that you liked the game! And yes, unfortunately, we've made difficulty a bit hard in retrospect. 🙇 Make sure that you're equipping stronger items to be able to defeat enemies, and remember that if you push them into a pit of lava, they'll be defeated instantaneously!

If you're in a table with multiple enemies, remember to always go for the Skeletons or Goblins at first too since they're easier to defeat and give you items quicker. Here's the best of luck, cheers! 🐳


Thanks for the tips. (:


Really fun and creative, but the lava can force players (at least me) to play incredibly carefully and slow, but that might be what makes it fun. Overall great game. Oh wait maybe lava isn't too bad... 

Hah! When we look back at this game, we do think that maybe the lava should have worked differently as a mechanic. Maybe instead of straight-up causing a game over, it should have just caused a respawn with damage. Still, that's the sort of stuff that game jam hindsight doesn't tell you. 😅

Glad that you had a great time with it though! 🐳



but he only has 4 gems


nice game tho


Any similarities are purely coincidental. We're extremely glad you enjoyed the game though! 💜


Cool idea. But. The game ends too abruptly. Items don't seem to have enough of an effect and not being able to see the whole table kinda sucks.


Very nice game. Very clever use of 2 unlikely games genres! The bounce trajectory was a bit unpredictable both against the walls and against enemies but other than that it was very good. Keep up the good work!


The mix of genres fits unbelievably well! It feels too random at times, though, with some levels feeling too easy and some being too challenging in comparison.