Hero duty for super profit! Monetization Man is ready to go save people from disaster, but since being a good guy doesn’t pay the bills, he’ll be needing some sponsors… or as many as he can get.

Sacrifice your integrity to earn big bucks at Super Sellout! Control Monetization Man, the invincible, indestructible and insufferably greedy superhero that will take any and all offers to make it through the month. Accept sponsors, sacrifice your mobility, and try to make as much money as you can! Money, money, money!

Ah, and maybe rescue some people. At this point, that’s mostly just a courtesy. But hey. Profit!

Created for Ludum Dare 43

  • An invincible hero, people that need rescuing, and money that needs pilfering!
  • Select as many sponsors as you think you can handle. Sacrifice mobility for profit!
  • Some sponsors make the game harder in different ways. Juggle between common sense and rampant disregard for self-preservation!
  • Saving people give you extra money and time. Don’t forget that you’re a hero for a reason!

  • Play with either a keyboard or a controller (any controller works, but only the bindings of an Xbox Controller show).
  • Move with the WASD or arrow keys (Left Stick on a Xbox Controller).
  • Press F Key (X Button on a Xbox Controller) to pay respects save the people when you’re close to them.
  • Press Spacebar (A Button on a Xbox Controller) to jump.

Created, Developed & Presented by Whales and Games

Development Team

  • Programmer - JorgeGameDev (Twitter)
  • Programmer - Kroltan (GitHub)
  • Graphics Artist - Moski  (Twitter)
  • Audio Composer - ZakBlystone (Twitter)
  • Support - PonchoGuy (Twitch)

Special Thanks

  • Ludum Dare Community
  • Rewired Unity Input Wrapper - Guavaman Enterprises
  • Canted FX Font - Nils Cordes
  • WBX Komik Font - Vilitante Typeface Corporation


Super Sellout • Windows 32-Bit 37 MB
Version 1.0B3 Dec 06, 2018
Super Sellout • Windows 64-Bit 40 MB
Version 1.0B3 Dec 06, 2018
Super Sellout • Mac OSX 40 MB
Version 1.0B3 Dec 06, 2018
Super Sellout • Linux 42 MB
Version 1.0B3 Dec 06, 2018


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mine was $6561


Hey, that's pretty good! My has score was $6529.


Really good game, especially for a game jam !

You're part of my video of the Ludum Dare 43 ;)


Enjoy !


This video is sponsored by literally everything...


Hey! Really fun game! I made gameplay for it! Check it out and if you guys want me to showcase anymore game please let me know!

(1 edit) (+2)

This game is fun and look really great! So polished, impressive performance for a Ludum Dare submission! Great work guys!