Created for Ludum Dare 40

Reach the peak of idol stardom! Your rival is sending up her fans to beat you up push you out of the industry. What can you do? Well, punch them so hard they become your fans.

Play as Jazzchan, the idol whose music mesmerizes the masses, and compete against Bluessom in an idol fight of which the world has never heard before! Defend yourself and turn Bluessom’s fans against her with the power of your music (and fists). She’ll do the same, so keep going until one of you goes down. The more fans you have, the worse it’ll be for your rival!

But just don’t beat up each other directly, okay? That’s unprofessional.

(Version 1.0B0 - 05 December 2017)


  • Combo-additive fighting mechanics. Punch, kick and play jazz to convert your enemy’s fans into yours!
  • You can’t fight your rival directly. But don’t worry. Your fans will do the heavy lifting!
  • Your fans are not very loyal though. Be prepared to beat some sense into them again when your rival takes them back.
  • How far can you get that combo counter?


  • Play with your keyboard or with a controller. The following mapping applies to Xbox controllers, although most controllers are supported!
  • Arrow keys or Left Stick to move.
  • Punch with Q on a keyboard or A on controller.
  • Kick with W on a keyboard or X on a controller.
  • Trumpet ranged attack with E on a keyboard or B on a controller.
  • Ultimate Sax Drop with R on a keyboard or Y on a controller.



Jazzy Beats • Windows 32-Bit 39 MB
Version 1 Dec 05, 2017
Jazzy Beats • Windows 64-Bit 41 MB
Version 1 Dec 05, 2017
Jazzy Beats • Mac OSX 55 MB
Version 1 Dec 05, 2017
Jazzy Beats • Linux 59 MB
Version 1 Dec 05, 2017

Development log


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Managed to get the game to work this time.  Not really impressed by it.

Be nice if the fucking game worked.

Sorry you're having issues running the game. Depending on multiple factors like the browser, OS and hardware the game can have some issues loading and running, such as, for example performance problems. Loading problems are one of the most problematic ones, especially with the web versions of our games, given how heavy and long Unity WebGL actually takes to load. That being said, we never really encountered a specific situation where the game would completely fail to load. Sometimes it can take a good chunk of time, but it will eventually work out.

That being said though, since you're reporting that it doesn't work, we would like to ask for more details (if possible) to look into it. First off, we would like to confirm what version of the game you're using. Are you attempting to play one of the desktop versions, or the web version?

Then we would like to request you to try to reload the game once more, and check if there's any result after some minutes (try not to switch the window, as we've seen it sometimes breaks the loading for some reason). If it still don't work, we ask if you could provide us with your current browser (and respective version), OS and RAM memory so we can further do some troubleshooting. If there's any sort of crash dump or error, if we could have more information about it, it'd also help us immensely.

Making sure our games work (and well) is our biggest priority, so we're more than interested in helping out figuring why the game doesn't load. Thank you!


Your game had really a lovely art style (especially the colors of the characters!)  and I appreciate it how non-violent the little battles seemed to be in it. :) I can totally see why Marta liked it so much to write a short article about it. Hopefully some players came to you via our gameplay video as well. <3 Looking forward to your projects in the future!

Best wishes,

Thank you! We are delighted to know that you really liked it, especially the art style! The colors were especially picked to be contrasting but still appealing and defining of the character's personalities.  We also tried to make the battles an ironic occurrence of it's own, trying to mix an overall cheerful theme and music actions with the usual actions you'd see in a typical brawler.

Marta's article was a really motivating read back in December, and we're glad to see more people dedicated to covering game jam games! We hope to surprise you again on future endeavours! 


<3 I'm sure you will, you game loving marine creature devs! Looking forward for a new encounter. :)