Get your jetpack and your gun, as you're in for a thrill! Enter the Hyperdeck, a room that keeps constantly changing as you keep powering it up with gears.

How long can you last? How many gears can you bring back? How many blocks will you destroy? Only one way to find out!

(Version 1.0B0 - 12 December 2016)
Created for Ludum Dare 37


  • Enter the Hyperdeck! It's one room, but after bringing it a few gears, it's going to reconstruct itself!
  • Shoot your enemies and collect gears to increase your time. Make every second count!
  • Destroy the barrels to quickly destroy blocks. Get some power ups for faster speed. But don't forget to keep an eye on the gears!


  • Move horizontally with A and D.
  • Press W or Space to push yourself up with your Jetpack!
  • Mouse to Aim. Left Click to Fire.


Created, Developed & Presented by Whales and Games

Development Team

  • Programmer- JorgeGameDev (Twitter)
  • Graphics Artist - Moski (Twitter)
  • Audio Composer - Zakblystone (Twitter)

Special Thanks

  • Blocktopia Font - Aaron D. Chand
  • Extra Scripts - Melang (Unity Forums)


Hyper Holomayhem 37 • Windows 32-Bit 16 MB
Hyper Holomayhem 37 • Windows 64-Bit 18 MB
Hyper Holomayhem 37 • Mac OSX 31 MB
Hyper Holomayhem 37 • Linux 32 MB

Install instructions

While you can enter the Hyperdeck through the web version here on, we recommend downloading the desktop version for the best experience, with higher resolutions and better performance! Go get some gears!


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fun concept but definitely too easy to get into a never ending run, should get more difficult over time