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Some wacky monsters are rising and the Town Hall is under siege! Who will save it now? Heroes? Too fictitious. The police? Too predictable. The untrustworthy engineer who was responsible for all this? Oh dear.

Help the engineer defend the city while proving that building towers is a mix of genius, art, magic, dumb luck and divine intervention. Prepare some blueprints at the town hall, set ‘em up, keep them repaired, and hold down the fort!

Blueprint Apocalypse was originally developed as an academic prototype around early-2017 and although it has since received polish and bug-fixes, it might still be rough around the edges and lacking polish in some aspects of the game. If you find any issues that think could be further polished, please let us know!


  • An endless play-through of never ending monster waves! See how far you can get! It won't be forever easy though. Tougher monsters will come out the longer you last!
  • Build a varied arsenal of towers with eight towers to unlock! Fire, ice and poison if you like traditional, and vaporware, piggy bank and even duck towers if you're feeling adventurous!
  • Enemies like wrecking towers! Repair them as soon as possible by giving them a good whack!
  • Unlock hats! Dozens of hats! In fact, over a hundred hats! Well, they’re not all hats, but you’ll want to unlock them anyways!


  • Move around by using the WASD keys or Clicking anywhere to move!
  • Open your Inventory Belt with Q and place multiple towers as long as they are in range!
  • Damaged Towers? No worries, you can repair them by Clicking on them!
  • Got money to buy some of your blueprints back? Click the Town Hall or enter it by pressing E near it!


Created, Developed & Presented by Whales and Games

Development Team

  • Programmer - JorgeGameDev (Twitter)
  • Graphics Artist - Moski (Twitter)
  • Music Composer - RobindhoodPT (Twitter)
  • Former Programming - AlexandrePC113

Special Credits

  • Universidade Europeia - Project developed and graded for the third semester of the Games and Apps Development BSc
  • A* Pathfinding Base Tutorials - Sebastian Lague
  • Rewired Unity Input Wrapper - Guavaman Enterprises
  • Main Fonts - InkyType
  • Extra Scripts - Melang (Unity Forums)
  • Assorted Sounds - Audio Productions Youtube Channel

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Mar 30, 2019
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsWhales And Games, JorgeGameDev, Robin Naite, MoskiDraws
Made withKrita, Unity
TagsHand-drawn, Open World, Tower Defense
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Blueprint Apocalypse • Windows 32-Bit 37 MB
Version 1.0B0
Blueprint Apocalypse • Windows 64-Bit 39 MB
Version 1.0B0
Blueprint Apocalypse • Mac OSX 39 MB
Version 1.0B0
Blueprint Apocalypse • Linux 52 MB
Version 1.0B0


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Loving the style but too slow-paced. Got to 1000 kills after hours of just killing everything, then left my computer on for the night, ended up with a HI of 2589 kills, 122 waves, 143 towers and 14740 money spent


Is the game basically finished or will you keep on adding to this one?

Hey! For now we've decided to put this game on hold. It has actually been around for a while, but we never found the perfect time to fully polish it, so we decided to just go on and publish it as it is, so we can focus on updating a specific project regularly. 

However, there's always the opportunity that we come back to it and add more content or continue polishing it. In fact, we want to start an internal event specifically to go back and update our existing games with new stuff.

That being, if you have anything in your mind regarding this game, we'd love to know it! Cheers! 🐳


Hello there! I have some issues to launch the game on Mac, I'm getting an error message saying that it might not be the right software version. Can you check it out? Because I really want to test your game which looks amazing! 

Hey! Thanks for calling that to our attention! This is the first time that an issue on a Mac build has been reported to us and unfortunately we don't have the best methods to fully test it out. To make sure that we can do our best with as much details as there are, could you provide us some more information? Namely:

  • Are you running a 32-Bit or a 64-Bit system?
  • Did you download the game through the website, or through the itch app?
  • Was there a more in-detail error message  that appeared when launching the game?

We also made a new build (for this game, not for Onigami yet) to see if it helps fix any issues. Could you test it and see if works? 

Thanks! 🐳


Hey! I've downloaded the new build for the game, and I have the same error message. 

(Cannot open because of a problem, verify with Dev that BA works on this macOS version.)

So i'm running a 64-Bit system, and I've downloaded the game through Itch.io website.