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It's so perfect, words fail me. Also the doggos are cute.

Thank you! Glad  you liked it! 🥰 Which of the doggos was your favourite? 🐶


Carl is my favorite. I like dachshunds and Dobermans and doggos of that color scheme



this is just art


Dogs spinning on chairs will get us into the Smithsonian.
Thanks for the kind words! 🐕


Really nice game art with cute pets smashing pumped guys! It is in my Top 5 for this week!

Check my video. And subscribe my Youtube Channel if you like!


Thank you! We're glad that you liked the game and the art, and that we made it to your top five!

Much thanks that you've featured us in your video! That's a fantastic collection of games and we're glad to be part of it! 😊


Esse jogo ficou lindo! Adorei a mecânica de girar usando o espaço. O som também está muito bacana! Parabéns aos envolvidos

Obrigado! Achamos que o button-smash do espaço seria uma maneira gira de dar um bocado mais interatividade ao jogo, e acho que atingimos o intencionávamos! Gratos por teres gostado! 🥰